RAVON and SPYGEN joined forces in 2011, carrying out research on the environmental DNA technique, developing new applications and offering their expertise in projects all over Europe. SPYGEN is a spinoff of the research on environmental DNA first described by the French research group in 2008. Within this partnership, SPYGEN combines her expertise in the field of genetics and the methodology of sampling, as well as experience of working with rare DNA, with that of the NGO RAVON on the distribution of species and their ecology.  Besides her professional staff, RAVON also hasa large network of volunteers allowing large-scale projects. RAVON and SPYGEN also participate in where they collaborate with other partners on eDNA research. 

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Jelger Herder

Jelger Herder leads the environmental DNA research within RAVON en keeps contacts with SPYGEN and other partners. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions: 
   0031 24 7410608


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